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France Nationals and Open 2004

Lac de Madine 21-23 May

source: by Jon Fish

OK Coupe de France - Lac de Madine

5 British boats travelled out to Lac de Madine in France to be greeted by 43 continental boats for the French Champs. Sailed on a large inland lake, the venue offered a variety of wind conditions and lots of sun!

Day 1 saw Bart Bomans (current European champion) dominate the fleet with 3 bullets. In the very light wind racing, Nick Craig (GBR) put in 3 second places, despite chasing women around the course whilst never quite managing to match Bomans speed. Slightly further down, Will Turner was lying in 4th overnight with a 3,7,13 score-line. The newly suntanned fleet returned to shore at 8pm to be greeted with free beer, and an enticing BBQ.

Day 2:
Sailors awoke on Friday to be greeted by sunshine and a nice force 3. After the obligatory croissant the fleet set sail for the day's four races, which saw a reversal of fortunes for many competitors in the breezier conditions. Two more brits stormed up the rankings, with Terry Curtis putting in an excellent 4,6,2,4 sequence leaving him 4th overall, and Jon Fish sailing consistently quickly to score 2 thirds and a sixth to lie 5th overall.
Bomans again dominated the fleet, although Craig just beat him in race 7. Turner received the comedy capsize award for diving over his transom while lying in 2nd position (a vain attempt to clear some weed) and 5th Brit Julian Burhnam got a piece of the action with a couple of high placings.
Everybody was extremely well catered for during the evening's steak supper, before the Brits held court in a sing-along, with a couple of 'interesting' numbers (they did say we could lower the tone!!!)

Day 3:
The competitors saw off their hangovers through 3 races in a shifty force 4. Gear failure for Bomans in race 9 meant that Craig could still have taken the title, but he opted to save any match racing tactics to a different stage. Bomans just pipped Craig in the final race, taking the title with it. Despite beating him in the last 5 races, Curtis just failed to take 3rd overall from Rüdiger Prinz (GER).

As well as thanks for the great hospitality from the French hosts, praise has to be given to the race officer for getting 10 top races in. It isn't often that the windward mark is moved to the right place for every beat!

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10
1BEL 44Bomans Bart11111121471
2GBR 2110Graig Nick2222241212
3GER 711Prinz Rüdiger41063895434
4GBR 2101Curtis Terry176234624323
5GBR 2045Turner Will3713818312858
6GER 665Stephan Peter1641297710747
7GBR 2067Fish Jonathan1420414363111013
8GER 705Mackmann Ralf15145591611586
9BEL 128Vanroy Frank981521488201411
10GER 607Heinze Christian75116131113142047
11GER 688Dame Dirk6112073410910923
12BEL 214Verrijdt Paul11191411151419679
13GER 599Böhm Uwe101325152212613610
14FRA 1810Vanhoutte Arnaud221581610172316125
15UK 2087Burnham Julian301222205137181822
16LUX 1Lesure Michel5181819142927212212
17GER 559Rück Marion139328121925322828
18GER 567Göhring Karl-Hans2629710162617262415
19GER 615Stephan Klaus25263112113220151314
20FRA 1769Delecluse Rene3416172447201691721
21GER 698Kath Karsten3247471319521121518
22GER 609van Freeden Helge33221926271822171620
23Z 48Ring Jochen2923925212230242517
24GER 07Zimmer Ortwin28253323174715191124
25BEL 14Vandeghinste Marc19322136202537221916
26FRA 1764Lamarque Frederic23172418321518254747
27BEL 1Andrew Rod41372817292324232119
28FRA 1811Tiefaine Jacques18383522253814282730
29GER 691RFeierabend Wolfgang20302729333034292327
30GER 588Singethan Joachim24242932263128342925
31GER 691Bleich Stephan2131633302131474747
32GER 605Münch Rolf12211035472432274747
33SUI 55Lusher Heinz31423240282729302626
34G 580Hirsch Alexander35343731233447353031
35GER 664Neveling Thomas8332627313747474747
36BEL 604Geboes Mark37404030474135333132
37FRA 1336Manca Maxime43393042403336314729
38FRA 1299Devilleneuve Maunoir27273937383533DNSDNSDNS
39BEL 29Andrew Johanna394141343628DNSDNSDNSDNS
40GER 696Dieris JürgenDNSDNSDNS41243626DNSDNSDNS
41FRA 1035Grolleau Emmanuel403136433739DNSDNSDNSDNS
42FRA 299Bourgneuf Marc3628DNS3835DNSDNSDNSDNSDNS
43FRA 1809Courtois Jean Patrice3836343939DNSDNSDNSDNSDNS
44Z 59Luscher Roman423538444740DNSDNSDNSDNS