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French National Championship 2009

August 28th - 30th, Lacanau

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3 days of regatta with 9 races run under the sun.
First day we ran 3 races with a good wind of 18 knots.
Second day we ran 4 races with a wind around 6 knots for the first race and a wind of 14 knots for the 3 other races.
Last day the wind was decreasing with a first race with a very little wind and a second race with 10 knots of wind.
A dinner with all the sailors and their family was organize on Saturday evening.

1Frédéric LamarqueVoileLacanauGuyenne12111521132
2Alain RenouxCVAngoulême26332334445
3Marc BoizardEVLocquirec27524615253
4Gautier AribaudSNLaFrette32456263624
5Raymond DodardCNCStOuen34243457368
6Yan RiallandASPTTToulouse38dnsdnsdns142511
7Jacques BoizardVoileZimbabweGuyenne657dnfdnfdnf77677
8Didier SouliesVoileLacanauGuyenne70dnsdnsdns776dnf86
9Hélène BoizardEVLocquirec78665dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns
10Laurence PicardCVStQuentin858dnfdnsdnf88dnsdnsdns
11Erik DubreuilVoileLacanauGuyenne86dnfdnfdnf8dnfdnsdns99
12Olivier RonsiauxCVStQuentin897dnfdnfdnf9dnFdnsdnsdns