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French National Championship 2012

Lacanau Guyenne 24 - 26 August

Report by Frederic Lamarque

This, like every year since 2007, our national was held at Lacanau Lake.

3 days of regatta , 3 days of barbecue and with 26 French competitors it was the biggest French participation to a national since 1980.

On Friday we had a very small wind. We ran 3 races and discovered a new champion in France, Olivier Hontanx who for his first regatta in OK-Dinghy show us the way to follow to have some chance to success in a big international regatta like future European championship in Carnac in 2013.

On Saturday, it was more my type of weather, more windy (around 15 knots) and Olivier had some problem of speed, as he was sailing with a very old MarstrandMasten Mast too stiff for him, against Competitors with recent Carbon masts.

So at the end of the second day, Olivier was first, I with FRA 1764 was second and Alain Renoux third.

On Sunday as we raced only the morning, we had a very small wind. Olivier finished first, I was OCS and let the second place to Alain.

French National Championship 2012 - Results
PosSail No.NameClubptsR1R2R3R4R5R6R7
1FRA 1779Olivier Hontanxclub VIRTUAL REGATTA 931112DNS1
2FRA 1824Alain RenouxC V ANGOULE­ME 21145OCS452
3FRA 1269Julien DejugnatC V ANGOULEME 242668523
4FRA 1764Fr�d�ric LamarqueV LACANAU GUYENNE 3011122311OCS
5FRA 1820Raymond DodardC N C ST OUEN 3078102634
6FRA 2133Philippe De KervenoaelABC VOILE 414291286DNS
7FRA 1663Yann Rialland C V THOUX ST-CRICQ 46157843DNS9
8FRA 1709Patrice RovereY C ILE DE FRANCE 521411771197
9FRA 1257Eric KopkaC V ANGOULEME 535546DNFDNS6
10FRA 1336Maxime MancaS.R.C Sud-Oise 6319141691248
11FRA 794Didier SoulieV LACANAU GUYENNE 7418DNF111191114
12FRA 1404Philippe SaturnyC N BOURQUAIS 75211917107715
13FRA 1067Jacques BoizardV LACANAU GUYENNE 772222121310812
14FRA 1810Jean-Claude LidonC N LA ROCHELLE 781013135DNFDNS10
15FRA 1239Jean Marc WillecommeC N C ST OUEN 9913918DNFDNSDNS5
16FRA 1117Bernard CoursieresSORAC 9920172115DNF1016
17FRA 1044Erik DubreuilV LACANAU GUYENNE 10116181514DNFDNS11
19FRA 1801Michel LaclauCV Soustons Marensin 1128320DNFDNSDNSDNS
20FRA 1818Olivier RonsiauxC V ST QUENTIN 11661514DNFDNSDNSDNS
21FRA 820Philippe ThomieresV LACANAU GUYENNE 121242119DNFDNS1218
22FRA 799Remi BlandureauC N BEAUVAIS 131121622DNFDNSDNSDNS
23FRA 171Laurent PabionC N BOURQUAIS 1332323DNF16DNFDNS17
24FRA 696Jacques MoriliereC V ANGOULEME 13825252517DNSDNS19
25FRA 110Jean Yves Alluaume   141262424DNFDNSDNS13
26FRA 1769Laurence PicardC V ST QUENTIN 141172023DNFDNSDNSDNS