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French National Championship 2014

Lacanau Guyenne, 29-31 August

French National championship was held this year on Lacanau Lake, west from Bordeaux at the end of August.
28 OK sailors came from many places in France: Côte d'Azur, Ile de France, Britain, and South-West.
Starting on Monday for training, the wind was light. We were a dozen of sailors on Tuesday.
On Thursday, we were more than 20 and made a nice training with Daniel Dahon who came with the Côte d'Azur team.

The regatta began on Friday with a light moderate wind. Three races were run, and Alain Renoux took the head of the race.
On Saturday, a little more wind and more occasions for Frédéric Lamarque to take the head of the race.
But OK-Dinghy is sometimes surprising us downwind and Frédéric capsized as he was leader in the fourth race and then loose 4 places.
On race 5 the wind was at his maximum for the regatta (around 13 knots), and Frédéric won easely.
For last races, the wind decreased, and Alain came back for tacking the first places.

The organisation was really good, with beer and barbecues. A nice dinner on saturday night was held in the forest at "La cabane de chasse".
On Sunday, as the wind will not come before 16h, the race committee decided to give the results at 14h.

French National Championship 2014 - Results
PosNameSail No.Clubtot-1R1R2R3R4R5R6R7
1Renoux Alain1824V LACANAU GUYENNE71112211
2Lamarque Frederic1764V LACANAU GUYENNE172525172
3Rialland Yann1663C V THOUX ST-CRICQ27837135OCS
4Dejugnat Julien1827C V ANGOULEME27OCS446526
5Lidon Jean-Claude1810S R ROCHELAISES3210237DNF64
6Rovere Patrice1709Y C ILE DE FRANCE451486371011
7Debicki Pierre1819C Y V PARELOUP52315168998
8Petetin Laurent1825S N BANDOL5457OCS4121214
9Charpentier Jean Jacques186C N BRETIGNOLLES56OCS131591045
10Gailes Jean Pierre104Y C CANNES584111211DNF137
11Dodard Raymond1820ASSO VOILE AILETTE61614810131610
12Manca Maxime1336S.R.C Sud-Oise68121291511159
13Debaere Patrick1044V LACANAU GUYENNE73OCS91113181012
14Dubreuil Erik2133V LACANAU GUYENNE76181751861713
15Petetin Jean Louis325S N DE SANARY7771010191714OCS
16Kopka Eric1257C V ANGOULEME82DNSDNSDNS12433
17Berenger Henri1472S N DE SANARY821119131714822
18Soulie Didier794V LACANAU GUYENNE9119614148DNFOCS
19Blandureau Remi1769C N BEAUVAIS999201822152017
20Le Delaizir Frederic1812ASPTT TOULOUSE1032116DNF16161816
21Thomieres Philippe820V LACANAU GUYENNE1081318DNF20201918
22Derouet Patrice110C Y V PARELOUP11116211921192215
23Darcos Philippe129V LACANAU GUYENNE12217222023222120
24Pons Jean Francis1067C V CAZAUX LAC13220232425232319
25Moriliere Jacques827C V ANGOULEME13623262126212421
26Alluaume Jean-Yves810E V FOURAS146152417DNFDNFDNSDNS
27Beckius Xavier1117S N DE SANARY15224252327DNFDNS23
28Rialland Kevin1404C V THOUX ST-CRICQ15522272224DNFDNSDNS