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Great Britain, Ardleigh 2004

September 4th

by Robert Deaves

Eleven OKs competed for the Ardleigh SC OK open on September 4th in light and very variable winds. The racing was characterised by large shifts and even larger holes in the wind as all the competitors struggled to find any sort of consistent direction. However, Neil Goodhead, used to the shifty winds of South Staffs SC won the first and last races, battling in these two races with Will Turner from Ardleigh.

The second race was more of a challenge for them, scoring 7th and 6th respectively, after a major shift out of the start put them at the back. Race two was finally won by Robert Deaves after a hard battle with John Charlton. Charlton took the early lead, but was caught by Deaves on the second lap. Every time Deaves closed the gap, Charlton came back. The gap between then at the finish was less than a boatlength.

1GBR 2108Neil Goodhead2
2GBR 2045Will Turner4
3GBR 2081Robert Deaves5
4GBR 2107Mike Edwards6
5GBR 2096John Charlton8
6GBR 2101Terry Curtis8
7GBR 2082John Ball9
8GBR 2083Andy Turner14
9GBR 2065Simon Shaw16
10GBR 2048Rodney Thorne18
11GBR 2074Roger Cooper19