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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2007

KZ & RV Hollandia, Medemblik

7-9th April

Report: Jon Fish

24 OKs from 5 countries arrived at Royal Yacht Club Hollandia over the Easter weekend for their annual Spring Cup. They were treated to 8 great races over 3 days against a top quality international fleet. This combined with perfect race management and a couple of entertaing socials for just €50 made it an event to remember (again!). A couple of boats from new UK builders also made their debut, adding further interest to the event.

Day 1 was contested in a variable force 1-2. Darek Kras (Pol) and Janusz Stobinski (Pol) motored off in the first race, with Nick Craig heading the pack in third.
Race 2 saw Brits first to fifth at the first mark, and a 1,2,3 at the finish line. Jon Fish in his new Aardvark hull lead all the way until the final beat when Nick worked his way past with Terry Curtis taking third.

Nick took race 3 in similar fashion, this time overtaking Tomas Glas up the last beat with Terry grabbing 3rd from the chasing pack.

With appropriately large hangovers, the fleet set sail for Day 2 in a solid force 4 and sunshine. After an OCS on day 1, Karsten Hitz (Ger) showed impressive downhill pace to take all three races, with Nick and Terry chasing hard in second and third in all three.

Day 3 dawned with slightly less breeze (thankfully for many weary bodies). Nick just got in front of Jon at the first mark and lead to the end. Karsten passed Jon on the reach, but had to settle for second. After a good tussle, Jon just took third from Terry

Nick finished the event with another win in Race 8 pulling past Jon and Tomasz Gaj in his new Alex Scoles' hull. Karsten again pulled through the fleet downhill to take second and second overall.

1GBR 2116Nick Craig10,031122211
2GER 727Karsten Hitz17,05ocs511122
3GBR 2118Terry Curtis23,0123333344
4GBR 2110Jonathan Fish28,062645533
5GER 731Thomas Glas37,04ocs256767
6GER 737Thorsten Schmidt52,016191264455
7POL 10Janusz Stobinski53,025191296811
8GER 666Jan Hartmann61,014887111098
9POL 1Tomasz Gaj70,013202287976
10DEN 1214Man Jgen Holm73,010941115dnc1410
11GBR 2107Mike Edwards73,0714131010dnc109
12POL 5Darek Kras78,0111201513111314
13GBR 2117Alex Scoles89,08610138dnf19dnc
14GBR 2100Dan Ager90,0191517141281212
15GER 607Christian Heinze98,01147917dnf)dnfdnc
16GER 576Ralf Tietje101,01517151816141113
17GER 688Dirk Dame102,017101816141215dnc)
18GBR 9999Neil Goodhead111,09711dnf)dnfdnc1717
19BEL 214Paul Verrijdt112,0181391918dnc2015
20GBR 2104Deryck Lovegrove112,02112161720131618
21GER 695Erik Bork126,02018212019151816
22GBR 2053Alan Atkin153,0231614dnf)dncdncdncdnc
23BEL 220Ronny Poelman160,02421232121dnc)dncdnc
24GER 728Karsten Kath169,02222dnf)dncdncdncdncdnc