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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2011

KZ & RV Hollandia, Medemblik

29th April - 1st May

Report by Greg Wilcox

The first day was hot and sunny and between 8 and 15 kn. 3 good races with no problems at all. Perfect race committee as usual.

2nd day was quite windy at around 18-23knts gusting 28 or so. Eric (Vliegenthart - Race Officer) went out a few times to check and at around 2-2:30 it was up to 33knts so he canned it for the day.
As is normal the wind then dropped to around a steady 18-20 and a few guys went for a sail.

Sunday was steady 28-30kn and really was a bit too windy. The biggest fear threre is not the wind but rather if you capsize and your mast gets stuck in the mud. It is deep enough to get the boat over the top of the masts so can easily cause a lot of damage.
Jack (Brakeboer - Pub owner) is in good spirits and of course although we tried hard he always had some beer left at the end of the night. Very good pasta dinner at Brakenboers and a good social event.

Spring Cup 2011 - Results
1NZL 522Greg Wilcox3115,0
2GBR 2134Nick Craig1225,0
3GBR 2118Terry Curtis293 14,0
4GER 717Oliver Gronholz439 16,0
5GER 750Ralf Tietje5107 22,0
6POL 14Pavel Pavlaczyk156425,0
7GER 772Andreas Pich144826,0
8SWE99Hans Elkjaer813627,0
9GER 760Andreas Deubel12514 31,0
10GBR 2117Alex Scoles6720 33,0
11POL 27Jakub Kania13812 33,0
12GER 762André Hennings91510 34,0
13GER 737Thorsten Schmidt101416 40,0
14GBR 2124Tony Woods18205 43,0
15GBR 2125Neil Goodhead20161551,0
16POL 10Radek Drozdzik22111952,0
17GBR 2123Andy Turner16211855,0
18GER 688Dirk Dame17221756,0
19GBR 1774Richard Burton7282560,0
20GER 735Dirk Gericke21122861,0
21POL 1Tomasz Gaj11dsq1363,0
22GBR 2130Deryck Lovegrove23291163,0
23GBR 2101Julian Burnham24182163,0
24GBR 2059Peter Turner28172267,0
25BEL 220Poelman Ronny19302372,0
26GBR 2119Martin Bower30192675,0
27BEL 214Paul Verrijdt25232775,0
28GBR 2068Tom Lonsdale26243080,0
29GER 748Karsten Kath27312482,0
30GBR 2129Alan Atkin29 263287,0
31GBR 2137Simon Shaw36 252990,0
32GER 651Heinz Ridder31 333397,0
33GBR 2060Nick Frampton34313499,0
34GBR 2096Chris Perrydnc 27dnf105,0
35USA 1010Brad Johanson35 32dnf106,0
36GBR 2031Dave Cooper32dnfdnc110,0
37NED 638 Robert Bancken33 dnfdnc 111,0
38GER 649Wehmhörnerdncdncdnc117,0