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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2014

KZ&RV Hollandia

KZ&RV Hollandia, Medemblik

2 - 4 May

Report from Tony Woods

The Spring Cup was the first major event in the European calender held in Medemblik, Holland. The 8 race series over 3 days in early May gives an indication which nation has the fastest OK sailors and who has been out training.

Forty nine boats from Holland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Belgium, and the UK assembled to form a strong fleet. Many of the pre-regatta favourites were from the talented Danish team who have worked and trained hard in recent seasons. The number 1 ranked OK sailor Greg Wilcox from New Zealand was also there looking to carry on from his recent win in the Interdominion Championships in Melbourne (AUS).

On Friday 3 races were held in a challenging 25 knot breeze with the waves lived up to Medemblik's reputation for steep and short rolling seas. Many of the fleet had a tale to tell in the Cafe Brakeboer that night.

On the Saturday, winds had dropped to 11-14 knots with big short term shifts meaning it was never over until it was over. Getting caught on one side of the course or another was a very dangerous strategy.

On the Sunday the fleet drifted around waiting for the breeze to fill in from one direction or another. It pushed and then pulled but never played ball enough for the Race officer to set a fair course and line so racing was abandoned.

After 3 tough days on the water the regatta was won convincingly by Jim Hunt From Great Britain. In the windy conditions of the Saturday he was a league above the competition with fast pace up wind and a mastery of the waves downwind the 2004 OK World Champion showed that he's going to be a force in the European OK circuit this year.

2nd overall was the No 1 ranked Greg Wilcox from New Zealand. A Medemblik regular Greg was usually on the right shift and can always be reckoned on for consistent speed and tactics.

3rd overall was Stefan Myrälf from Denmark. Runner up in last years European Championships and with an impressive sailing CV, he was never going to be far from the front of the fleet.

4th overall was Bo Petersen also from Denmark. The current European Champion was given plenty to think about by Jim Hunt, and will be working hard to keep his European crown in Germany in July.

5th was the legendary Jørgan Lindhartsen also from Denmark. Despite his age Jørgen always seems a shift ahead of the fleet and his Olympic experience and years of OK sailing behind him mean that he's still a contender in any fleet of quality despite his creaking bones.

Spring Cup 2014 - Results
1GBR 2162Jim Hunt5,0111117
2NZL 544Greg Wilcox12,033dnc222
3DEN 1423Stefan Myrälf23,0dnf44771
4DEN 1431Bo Petrsen23,062210ocs3
5DEN 1420Jørgen Lindhardtsen25,02539620
6DEN 1393Rene Sarabia Johannsen33,012854204
7GBR 2167Lee Child35,059108321
8GBR 2157Dave Bourne49,0912619517
9GER 778Sönke Behrens55,01014dnc2146
10GBR 2118Terry Curtis57,01811dnc12115
11GER 693Martin v. Zimmermann57,0dnc711181011
12DEN 1369Christian Hedlund61,014151731316
13DEN 1424Ask Askholm63,01316dnc51910
14GBR 2145Tony Woods.65,0867271727
15GBR 214Alex Scoles72,02417825815
16SWE 99Hans Elkjaer74,017191515ocs8
17GER 787Ralf Tietje77,071012242424
18GBR 2151Jonathan Fish82,04239421234
19GER 777Andreas Pich82,019181662623
20DEN 1407Malte Petersen82,0111314451826
21GBR 2130Deryck Lovegrove97,0162113372819
22DEN 1433Lars Andresen123,023dncdnc161618
23GER 769Volker Paatz124,0262418233933
24GER 715Sven Beye134,02020dnc173344
25GER 775Joerg Rademacher135,015dncdnc202228
26DEN 1430Jesper Strandberg136,021dncdnc26309
27DEN 1315Bo Reker Andersen145,0dnfdncdnc11925
28GBR 2101Julian Burnham145,0dnf22dnc222130
29GBR 2147Tom Lonsdale159,022dncdnc332529
30GER 771Ralf Mackmann161,0dncdncdnc321514
31DEN 1397Henrik Kofoed165,0dncdncdnc391412
32NED 664Peter van der Schaaf165,027dnfdnc143737
33NED 663Stephan Veldman167,02525dnc473436
34DEN 1402Bo Teglers177,0dncdncdnc412313
35GER 688Ronald Foest196,0dncdncdnc134241
36GBR 2121Anthony Rich196,0dncdncdnc344022
37GBR 2149Martin Bower197,0dncdncdnc302938
38GBR 2129Alan Atkin206,0dncdncdnc353635
39NZL 2028Finn Gheury209,0dncdnfdnc293842
40FRA 1823de Kervenoael Guillaume211,0dncdncdnc443532
41BEL 220Ronny Poelman213,0dncdncdnc3132ocs
42GER 727Frank Strelow217,0dnfdncdnc4027ocs
43GER 783Karsten Kath217,0dncdncdnc434331
44GER 567Jan Beckmann220,0dncdncdnc284646
45GER 651Heinz Ridder220,0dncdncdnc364440
46GER 649Wehmhörner222,0dncdncdnc483143
47GER 640Marchot Sven226,0dncdncdnc464139
48NED 555Jan Siebe de Vries238,0dncdncdnc38dnfdnc
49NED 638Robert Bancken239,0dncdncdnc494545