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Netherlands, Easterseeregatta 2016



27 - 28 August

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What a great championship in the Netherlands on the 27th and 28th of August. We had 42 sailors from 4 countries competing and after 20 years we finally have a new champion 'OK dinghy' in the Netherlands.

After a real battle between five Germans the title of Dutch OK class Champion and Eastersee Regatta winner, went to Dirk Dame from Germany. Dirk sailed a very consistent regatta and could scrap an 11th place, which brought him the title with only 11 points. A trophee and a ribbon for this fantastic champion and ambassador of the OK dinghy. Right behind him Frank Strelow and Joerg Rademacher, also from Germany, battled for second and third with the both of them scoring 13 points. On the first day the circumstances were splendid (temperature 26 degrees, sunny, breeze 3 to 4) and four races were sailed. In the evening the sailors could enjoy a sailing trip on the lake on the hundred years old sk├╗tsje Frisia.

The second day started with thunderstorms and the start was delayed till 12.00 o'clock. Rod Andrew played music and everyone waited for the weather to clear. Then in the afternoon two races were sailed in a building breeze (4+) to complete the series of six races before the fleet returned form the water to be home on time. The organising authority WSV Zevenwolden and race officer Age van der Bles did a great job putting the lanes in perfectly. Behind the five top Germans, sailors form Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands were racing eachother. Ronny Poelman (BEL) took sixth place overall right before best Dutchman Stephan Veldman who beat his brother with just 3 points. There were great battles throughout the fleet. More

Easterseeregatta 2016 - Results
1GER 750Dirk Dame11,02111152
2GER 791Frank Strelow 13,0122447
3GER 775Joerg Rademacher 13,0434213
4GER 800Ralf Mackmann 14,0313534
5GER 790Thorsten Schmidt 15,02445321
6BEL 220Ronny Poelman36,0589689
7NED 663Stephan Veldman 42,0147108116
8NED 652Erwin Veldman 45,09106121010
9GER 737Christian Heinze 45,071587158
10BEL 214Paul Verrijdt 49,01112710916
11GER 793Karsten Kath 60,012131417165
12GER 607Gerd Breitbart 60,015181113714
13GER 784Claus Stockhardt 65,0dnf918141212
14NED 667Hessel Hoekstra 65,016251391413
15SWE 12786Sipke Hoekstra 71,0101619112115
16GER 680Jan-Dietmar Dellas 80,0182016152411
17GER 595Daniel Groschl 89,0851716dncdnc
18NED 669Sybren Hornstra 91,0171426231918
19GER 678Heinz Ridder 92,032212719619
20GER 651Frederik Roentgen 93,0131724221726
21NED 609Willem Dijkstra 102,0192612302025
22GER 779Marina Dellas104,0203121202221
23NED 672Harm de Vries 107,0252420182820
24LUX 1Michel Lesure114,02961521dncdnc
25NED 668Hendrik Rijnink 117,0312823dnf1817
26GER 783Wilhelm Kath 119,0221922dns13dnf
27NED 566Sjouke Bus 126,0263028242622
28BEL 221Philippe Cowez 134,0dns2732252723
29NED 180Jan La Porte 137,0332933282324
30GER 771Susanne Mackmann139,0362329312531
31NED 658Jef Delhez 142,0283230273027
32BEL 1Rod Andrew 144,0213635263329
33GER 645Ralph Grieger 147,0233425dnf3134
34NED 666Koen Schelling 155,0373336292928
35BEL 151Paul Bouts 157,0622dnfdnsdncdnc
36BEL 627Joris van Baarle 163,02735343334dnf
37LUX 11Francois Podevyn 163,0383931323230
38BEL 29Johanna Andrew171,0303838353632
39NED 665Dick van der Zee 176,0354239343533
40BEL 21Benoit Devillers 187,034373736dncdnc
41BEL 136Samuel Podevyn 189,5394041383735
42NED 599Barbara Borger200,539414037dncdnc