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Netherlands, Easterseeregatta 2017



26 - 27 August

by Wietze Huitema

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Jörg Rademacher Wins Allmost Windless Regatta

Fourty-six OK sailors from seven nations brought their dinghies to Oosterzee to race for the Open Dutch Championship 2017 that was combined with this years Eastersee Regatta. There were some countries we didn't receive entries from in previous editions. Tony Woods came all the way from Great Britain, Florent Delacourt and Remi Blandureau from France and Tomasz Gaj and Marek Bernat from Poland. Great they put in the effort to come to the lake Tjeukemeer. On friday evening more than half of the fleet already arrived and it looks the diner plates at the Cafe/Restaurant will become tradition. It was a wonderful evening and sitting outside we ate our plates. Some beers to go with that and then to bed.


Saturday morning started sunny, warm and with a good breakfast, but unfortunately the wind forecast was not so great. The racing committee decided we would go on the water and hope the small breeze would grow to a steady wind. But all that happened was the temperature went up. And while the sun baked the sailors on their OK’s, the wind didn't build up. To boost morale, the organisation handed out a 'broodje kroket’ on the water. A Dutch traditional meat snack on bread. Half an hour after that, racing was postponed untill further notice and the fleet came to shore along with the racing committee. Then at half past four some breeze came in and the fleet went out for one race close to shore. At least we were racing, but still the wind was hard to find sometimes.

Claus Stockhardt (GER) took the win for Jörg Rademacher (GER) and Ralf Mackmann (GER). Stephan Veldman (NED) came in fourth which is really well in this fleet. Another surprise was that Rob Ligtenberg (NED) rounded the first mark in place six but he had a very hard time to stay up front. Nevertheless great sailing from him with his aluminium masted OK. Susanne Mackmann did great in the fleet and managed to take fifth place and be the best female sailor of the day. At half past seven, when everyone had taken a shower, it was time for BBQ, drinks and Rod Andrew (racing for Belgium but born British) to take the stage with his lovely music. He knows how to create the perfect ambiance and we all had a great time drinking, talking and listening to the music. Rob Ligtenberg showed his skills on the accordion. So an OK class band is in the making I guess ;)


Sunday started again with breakfast and looking out the tent directly on the waterfront. Wind, not much but wind... The race officer and his crew ordered racing to start at 10.00 hours and they immediately started to put the course in. One race, very hard because of the windshifts and winddroppings. A race with boats out of the finishing time limit. The start was tight and hard. Two boats early over the line. Thorsten Schmidt (GER) and Christian Heinze (GER). Christian was the only one to returm and start again. So Thorsten got an OCS despite crossing the finish line second. Christian managed to finish seventh despite his double start. As always the best sailors are more in the front of the fleet. Both Polish sailors Tomasz Gaj and Marek Bernat found the best wind and finished first and second. Third was 'mister consistency' Ralf Mackmann (GER). After that the wind stayed shifty, so again postponement and back to the shore. At one o clock after phoning the meteorologist, the signal came there wasn't going to be any more racing this weekend. Very unfortunate but the wind is about the only thing we couldn't control this weekend.


For a national championship four races were needed to constitute a series. So no Dutch national champion in 2017 and Dirk Dame stays raining Dutch champion for at least one more year. The final ranking based on both races was made and Jörg Rademacher took the win with a 2 and a 4. Just beating Ralf Mackmann with a 3 and 3. Third was Claus Stockhardt with 9 points. Best female sailor was Susanne Mackmann ranked 11th in the final ranking. Best Dutch sailor, like last year, Stephan Veldman ranking 6th. And some special prices. Best sailor with a wooden mast, not for the first time, Rod Andrew. And best sailor with an aluminum mast, Rob Ligtenberg. Two special prices (small frisian windbags to use in their home country), to thank them for their multiple hours long drive, went to Marek Bernat and Tomasz Gaj from Poland and to Tony Woods from Great Britain. We had a good time, with nice weather, meeting friends that share a love for the OK dinghy. We learned a lot from each other and we hope to see everyone back at the other regatta's and of course next year for the fifth Eastersee Regatta during the last weekend of August 2018 !

Easterseeregatta 2017 - Results
1GER 775Jörg Rademacher6,024
2GER 773Ralf Mackmann6,033
3GER 784Claus Stockhardt9,018
4POL 7Marek Bernat10,082
5GER 10Christian Heinze12,057
6NED 673Stephan Veldman13,049
7GER 5Ralf Tietje15,096
8POL 1Tomasz Gaj18,0171
9GBR 2179Tony Woods18,0135
10GER 791Frank Strelow20,0713
11GER 771Susanne Mackmann29,0623
12NED 667Hessel Hoekstra32,01517
13GER 651Frederik Roentgen33,01221
14LUX 1Michel Lesure34,02014
15GER 799Michael Wolf35,02510
16NED 652Jan Siebe de Vries36,01125
17GER 567Jan Beckmann40,02911
18GER 607Gerd Breitbart40,02812
19GER 793Karsten Kath41,02219
20FRA 769Florent Delacourt42,01626
21SWE 2786Sipke Hoekstra44,01430
22GER 75Dirk Dame47,01928
23NED 473Rob Ligtenberg47,02324
24GER 1527Peter Meyer54,03618
25BEL 1Rod Andrew54,02727
26GER 9Thorsten Schmidt57,010ocs
27GER 527Birgit Meyer58,03820
28GER 73Ronny Poelman62,0dnc15
29BEL 214Paul Verrijdt63,0dnc16
30NED 566Sjouke Bus63,03429
31GER 678Heinz Ridder65,018dnf
32GER 778Soenke Behrens68,021dnf
33BEL 228Joris van Baarle69,0dnc22
34NED 674Bart ter Haar71,024dnf
35NED 669Sybren Hornstra73,026dnf
36FRA 1769Remi Blandureau77,030dns
37BEL 221Philippe Cowez78,031dnf
38NED 672Harmen de Vries79,032dnf
39NED 609Willem Dijkstra80,033dnf
40BEL 29Jo Andrew - Becker82,035dnf
41NED 666Koen Schelling84,037dnf
42F 1053Francois Podevyn86,039dnf
43NED 665Dick van der Zee87,040dnf
44BEL 131Samuel Podevyn88,041dnf
45NED 671Lex Vogelenzang94,0dncdnf
46BEL 230Jacques Pirenne94,0dncdnc