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Nick Craig tells all - 10 April 2015

By Robert Deaves

Drawing on more than 30 years as a competitive dinghy sailor, four-time OK Dinghy World Champion Nick Craig has written his first book, ‘Helming to Win’. It was published by Fernhurst Books in March 2015 as part of its revitalised ‘Sail to Win’ series.

In his foreword Sir Ben Ainslie writes how he himself has used a lot of the techniques that Nick describes in the book, and remarks that Nick is "one of the best...This book allows anyone to gain from his experiences".

Written in Nick’s unique style, he includes many anecdotes from his years across a range of classes, including the OK Dinghy, Finn, RS400, D-One and Enterprise. He has been a champion in all these classes so what he says should be of interest to all those looking to improve their skills. In this book Nick captivates your attention on every page with a writing style that feels like he is talking to you over a beer at the bar, or around the boat in the dinghy park.

What is remarkable is that he covers such a lot of subjects in great depth as well as succinctly. Information and useful tips fly off every page ready for you to try out in your next race.

The content is easily accessible in a very nicely managed layout that allows you to dip in for inspiration or read it cover to cover. As well as looking at processes, techniques and trimming within the boat, he also provides a lot of helpful advice on troubleshooting, whether that’s a case of the go-slows, preparing for a new venue, or mental tricks to win on the day. If you could ask Nick anything you wanted about how to win a sailboat race, the chances are Nick has covered it in this book in an original and thought provoking way. This is a book like no other that has gone before it.

It is highly interesting, as well as hugely entertaining, to get inside the head of Nick Craig, to learn what he is thinking while he is beating you, and to learn the processes he went through to allow him to achieve that near perfect state. This book has something in it for everyone, whether you are just starting out or a National Champion. Nick is often described as the best amateur dinghy sailor in the UK, so the advice offered within these pages should be soaked up by anyone looking to improve their results. It’s worth every penny of the £12.99 cover price.

Excerpt p18-19
Excerpt p18-19
Helming to Win Cover
Helming to Win Cover