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Pictures of GBR Training 2000

Grat Britain, November

Courtesy: Paul Jewby
"These photos were taken at Felixstowe Ferry november 2000. We are in the process of making a training video for ok's and these were still shots taken on our first day of filming. The sailors taking part are Dave Carroll , Greg Casey and Terry Curtis. The weather that day was not very good with a force 7 blowing and gusts to force 9. In fact Felixstowe Coastguard were broadcasting force 9 imminent. We hired a trawler to film from , he refused to go outside the bar of the river because of the conditions and so we stayed in the river Deben. Filming the downwind shots for the video the trawler was sailing at full throttle with a speed of 11.6 knots, we could not keep up with the ok's who's speed was probably around 14 knots."