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Euro 1998

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

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After the practice race was cancelled on Sunday, two races were run on Monday in challenging conditions.

Wind : 20-22 knots, gusting 27
Temperature : 20 degrees and sunshine
Waves : 1.5 - 2 meters

Race 1 (by Nick Craig GBR 2090)

The OK Europeans opened with exciting conditions - force 6 and 10 feet waves !

Jørgen Lindhardtsen (Denmark) led from Nick Craig (UK) and Jan-Ditmar Dellas (Germany) at the windward mark. Some heavy reaching saw Oliver Gronholz (Germany) and Dave Carroll (UK) close up.

These positions remained upwind and a carnage run saw Bart Bomans (Belgium) to loose his tiller, Lindhardtsen to face a ribbing a bar by tacking, not gybing, and Craig to capsize.

At the last leeward mark, Lindhardtsen led from Carroll, Thomas Hansson-Mild (Sweden) and Gronholz.

Lindhardtsen must have eaten a lot of pie because he held on from Dave 'I eat pie for breakfast', Carroll, fast finsihing Craig, Hansson-Mild and Gronholz.

Race 2 (by Jan-Dietmar Dellas GER 698)

This report was written after the free beer, so it is rather short.

In the second race, the wind increased slightly, but remained under 28 knots, so it was still possible to sail.

After the first beat I was leading, chased closely by Jørgen Lindhardtsen. During the remainder after the race, the old man showed everyone how you should sail in the conditions : fast.


Wind : 18-20 knots
Temperature : 20 degrees and sunshine
Waves : 2 meters

Race 3 (by David Carroll GBR 2085)

Race 3 started in a fresh force 5 which stayed throughout the race.

With a following tide, most of the fleet overstood the first mark with Jan-Dietmar Dellas rounding first, followed by Jørgen Lindgardtsen and David Carroll.

By the gybe mark, Carroll led, then Lindhardtsen and Dellas. Bart Bomans came through to fourth.

At the top mark it was Lindhardtsen showing superb upwind speed followed by Carroll and Bomans. Positions remained the same for the run but by the finish Jan-Diemar used his superior bulk to good use to take second from Carroll on the final beat.


Wind : 15-25 knots
Temperature : 18 degrees
Waves : 0.5 meters

Race 4 (by Peter Scheuerl GER 618)

Race 4 started in about 20 knots and 1 meter waves, some bigger.

The first mark saw Jørgen Lindhardtsen leading again from David Carroll and Jan-Dietmar Dellas.

On the first reach, with perfect surfing conditions, Bart Bomans and Peter Scheuerl passed Jan-Dietmar followed by a cluster of boats. Jørgen gybed first, followed by David, Bart and Peter. The boats behind got some trouble because of a gust and inside boats capsizing.

On the second reach, Peter managed to overtake Bart and David and gained a lot on Jørgen.

For the rest of the race, Jørgen lead from Peter and some distance away, David and Bart got their race with the rest of the fleet well behind.

Race 5 (by Bart Bomans BEL 44)

The wind increased after race 4 up to 25 knots.

At the fist mark, Jørgen Lindhardtsen (who else) was leading from Oliver Gronholz and Jörn Wille.

At the third mark, after some of the most spectacular reaches one could imagine, Jørgen was still in the lead. At this stage, Bart Bomans was in second and David Carroll in third.

On the beat, Jørgen kept a loose cover over the others, and left them battling it out for second place.

This battle was mostly fought on the run, after which the positions became Jørgen, David, Bart, Oliver and Antoni Pawlowski.

Antoni overtook Oliver on the last beat, which gave the following result : Jørgen, David, Bart, Antoni and Oliver, which means five differemt countries on the first five places.


Wind : 0-10 knots
Temperature : 20 degrees
Waves : 0.2 meters


Wind : 15 knots
Temperature : 18 degrees
Waves : 0.5 meters

1DEN 1280Jørgen Lindhardtsen Denmark11111523
2GBR 2090Nick CraigGreat Britain3246DNS1129.7
3GBR 2085David CarrollGreat Britain2733214336.1
4BEL 44Bart BomansBelgium6165432751.4
5POL 31Antoni PawlowskiPoland17465411462.7
6GER 698Jan-Dietmar DellasGermany143291518577.7
7GER 679Oliver GronholzGermany56815581580.7
8GER 618Peter ScheuerlGermany21572920982
9GER 721Jörn WilleGermany11912DNS7918103
10GER 670Hinnerk RiesGermany7111510181214108
11GBR 2083Andrew RushworthGreat Britain9101413102413108
12GER 449Sönke BehrensGermany191291881317114
13SWE 2701Thomas Hansson-MildSweden4DNFRET7646118.4
14GER 717Andreas PichGermany13131916DNS327125.7
15GER 607Ingo BallersteinGermany2815161416626130.7
16GBR 2054Andy TurnerGreat Britain10DNS111213398132
17GER 711Rüdiger PrinzGermany2214262114719135
18SUI 66Michael BachmannSwitserland29DNS2024172111168
19GBR 2059William TurnerGreat Britain26DNS218193329176
20GER 695Dirk GerickeGermany18DNF1725124921179
21POL 45Marian JankowskiPoland12DNF25DNF202933185
22GBR 2060Greg CaseyGreat Britain15DNF1828DNS1716190
23GER 622Christian HartmannGermany23RET2322DNS1912195
24SWE 2709Daniel NilssonSweden20DNS2220DNS2220200
25POL 6Boguslaw MoczorodynskiPoland881041DNSDNSDNS223
26GBR 2069Neil GoodheadGreat Britain24DNF2930DNS1536230
27GER 634Birke TaufenbachGermany25DNS2737DNS1635238
28GBR 2045James WellsGreat BritainDNFDNS131111DNSDNF247
29GER 690Jan DisselGermany16DNFDNSDNSDNS2710264
30GER 616Gautama DuttaIndiaDNFDNSDNF27DNS1028276
31GER 705Peter HolzwarthGermanyDNFDNSDNS19DNS3123284
32POL 683Slawomir BinkowskiPoland27DNFDNF29DNS3440285
33BEL 208Franz HawerBelgiumDNFDNS2843DNS2330285
34DEN 1302Karl-Erik Suare NielsenDenmarkDNFDNSDNS17DNS3724290
35GER 680Marina DellasGermanyDNFDNSDNS23DNS3031295
36POL 75Sandro MyszkowskiPolandDNFDNSDNF36DNS2634310
37LUX 1Michel LesureLuxemburgDNFDNSDNF34DNS2842318
38NED 662Adrie KuypersNetherlandsDNFDNSDNF38DNS2541318
39GER 482Vidaykumar AnirudhIndiaDNFDNSDNS26DNS3844319
40FRA 1769René DelecluseFranceDNFDNSDNS42DNS3238325
41POL 4Jakub JurkiewiczPolandDNFDNSDNF31DNS4537327
42GER 527Eberhard LangerGermanyDNFDNSOCSDNSDNS3625329
43FRA 2000Raymond DodardFranceDNFDNSDNS32DNS4639331
44POL 58Maciej NowaczykPolandDNFDNSOCSDNSDNS4422334
45GER 642Ralf MackmannGermanyDNFDNS2439DNSDNSDNS335
46BEL 207Yan TrouwenBelgiumDNFDNSDNF40DNS4145339
47FIN 407Pietari VisantiFinlandDNFDNSDNS35DNS5043342
48FRA 1800Jean-pierre GuibertFranceDNFDNSDNSDNFDNS4232342
49GBR 2036Chris BiscombGreat BritainDNFDNSDNF33DNS40DNF345
51FRA 1110 Jacques TiefaineFranceDNFDNSDNSDNFDNS4846362
52BEL 29Johanna KreuzingerBelgiumDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS5147366
53POL 468Igor KotwickiPolandDNFDNSDNSDNSDNS43DNS369
54BEL 205Victor AbbeloosBelgiumDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS47DNF373
55GER 707Thorsten SchmidtGermanyDNFDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS384
56GBR 206Khalid AkhtarPakistanDNFDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS384
57GER 632Fabian GronholzGermanyDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS384