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New Zealand Nationals 2003


January 16.-19.

The 2003 New Zealand nationals and Worlds qualification took place in Manly, just north of Auckland on the Hauraki gulf.
While the first three races were dominated by light shifty gradient winds, the last two days saw light sea breeze.
In all these light conditions Ben was one of the fastest and handeled the conditions well enough to became New Zealand Champion 2003.
Ben won also the practice race.
thanks to the Wood family, there was always enough food in the evenings.

1511Ben Morrison1414314327,4
2517Paul Rhodes (Vet)3719131133,7
3512Greg Wilcox (Vet)518496655,4
4502 / 504Nigel Mannering (Vet)122192421556
5372Mark Perrow2945571059
6491Conrad Gair1586628564,4
7510Grant Pedersen203913141365,4
8515Rob Coutts (Vet)453889966,7
9470Steve McDowell13151310123280,7
10483Peter Scheuerl662720161683,4
11499Jayson Herbert917721105891
12481Dave Hoogenboom (Vet)1613101971011103
13498Darren Hunt (Jnr)1810181114157111
14484Mike Inwood11181117151212114
1550Rob Hengst711231662020115,7
16500Philip Rzepecky (Vet)8191613181314118
17509Joe Porebski (Vet)19201512DNF174121
18518Sel Pedersen (Vet)14121715161817127
19520Russell Wood1014518DNFDNSDNS132
205Mike Wilde (Vet)17162022191119138
21493Graham Lambert (Vet)22DNS1223111921144
2251 TAlec McWhinnie21212120DNF2118158
23508John WestonDNSDNS221417DNSDNS164
24436John Gillespie (Vet)DNF2224DNS212222172