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Worser Bay Hurricane Classic (Wellington)

5/6 November 2005

Report by Alistair Deaves

For the Worser Bay Hurricane Classic it just blew steaming monkey nuts. One day they came from the north and one day they came from the south. In Wellingtonian double-speak the phrase they use is ‘an easing breeze”. What this really means is that the wind will eventually ease off, but not until it has increased to such a level that the aero-dynamics of the OK rig completely break down, several boats are broken and the whole fleet is battered and worn and sitting in the clubhouse having a few beers. Only then will the wind “ease”; having itself a well earned rest to prepare itself for more “easing” on the next day!

And so Team Wakatere joined four sailors from Napier and a host of locals on the start line for the first race in an easing 35 knot northerly. Karl Purdie showed good skill by leading around the whole course, steadfastly refusing to capsize off wind, with Adrian Mannering from Napier some way back in second place.

Only 7 boats ventured out for the second race of the day. Greg Wilcox launched just 4 minutes before the start after a late decision to hit the water, and after possibly playing some head games with the other sailors watching the carnage from the safety of the club. The race itself was a battle between local Steve McDowell and Wakatere sailor Mark Perrow. Places kept changing until Perrow capsized at the last gybe, handing the race to McDowell. Worser Bay veteran Joe Porebski came home in second.

After an evening of fireworks and beer, Sunday morning actually looked quite good. But sure enough the wind was doing some more easing by the time we got to the start line. Karl Purdie again showed us a clean pair of heels in the first race, chased by McDowell. By race two the wind was over 30 knots again. The off wind sailing in the flatter water of the southerly was just fantastic. Unfortunately, 30 knot self tacking wind shifts at the top of the beat caused a few headaches. McDowell won this race after passing the leaders down the run and holding on to the finish with Purdie second.

With Purdie and McDowell counting a DNS and DNF respectively, the race for overall honours was between Perrow and Wilcox. Wilcox and Porebski swam at the wing mark and pulled out of the race. Perrow then only had to finish to win overall, achieving his best result of the regatta as he did so; a second place behind triple race winner Purdie, who could only wonder if he should had sailed race two.

So Perrow won after consistently finishing every race, being only one of three sailors to do so; the others being Grant Pedersen and Darren Hunt.

1Mark Perrow521Wakatere4435218
2Karl Purdie502Worser Bay11512120
3Steve McDowell525Worser Bay15121322
4Greg Wilcox522Worser Bay33441529
5Grant Pedesen518Wakatere7568733
6Darren Hunt498Napier87711841
7Alistair Deaves472Wakatere101557643
8Joe Porebski523Worser Bay621561544
9Owen Anderson467Worser Bay515159549
10Paul Rhodes517Worser Bay1515153452
11Adrian Mannering504Napier2615151553
12Matthew Bismark491Worser Bay1515810957
13Trent Pryce497Napier91515151569
14Peter Scheuerl466Napier151515151575