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New Zealand, Auckland Rum Bucket 2013

Wakatere Boating Club, Auckland

26 - 27 October

While the weather was warm and sunny, especially for the time of the year, the westerly on Saturday was quite light. On Sunday a stronger northwesterly kicked it, but that was - as always at Wakatere, extremely shifty, coming down the cliffs.
After leading the results on Saturday night, Miranda Powrie didn't make it out on the water on Sunday.

Auckland Rum Bucket 2013 - Results
PosSail #NameClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9TotTot-1
1546Luke O'ConnellWorser Bay BCOCS113311734820
252Matt StechmannNaval Point Club35418524524830
3501Jim TurnerWakatere BC13411411152166752
4526Russell WoodWakatere BC11222116412318159
5478Mark PerrowWaiuku YC910881105DNC88759
6517Paul RhodesWorser Bay BC12313172063258161
7542Alistair DeavesWakatere BCDNF192287610129466
8511Rod DavisWakatere BC226BFD171114699567
9512Nigel ManneringNapier SC67171345818108870
10530Ben MorrisonWakatere BC81571573161248771
11523Joe PorebskiWorser Bay BC141810528198159980
12535Oscar WildeWorser Bay BC481291617119DNF11486
13531Adrian CoulthardNapier SC51614101219181413121102
14555Michael MorrisonWakatere BC1592319101371714127104
15492David Van Der WendWakatere BC192197191820117131110
16498Miranda PowrieWakatere BC1636DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC156128
17360Oscar PaulichWakatere BC2312512RET169DNCDNC161133
18475Phil CovenyWakatere BC71416112325232118158133
1932Brett GrahamWakatere BC10172514DNS20171517163135
20536Martin PikeNapier SC172420169231316DNC166138
21524Miles AddyWakatere BC1825DNFBFD1312154DNF171143
22498Jono CloughWakatere BCDNCDNCDNCDNC219101311176148
23470Simon WhiteheadWakatere BC16112224141425DNCDNC182154
24547Sefton PowrieWakatere BC201324202222241916180156
25500Dean ColemanWakatere BC222018211821212019180158
26510Nigel ComberWakatere BC2123152315242222DNF193165
27467Andrew PardingtonPonsonby CCDNFDNS1922DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC237209

DNF, DNC, OCS, BFD etc. 28pts