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France Nationals and Open 2005

Lac de Madine 5-7 May

source: by Frederic Lamarque

OK Coupe de France - Lac de Madine

Good wind 15 to 25 knots. The date was just after Medemblick and very soon in May. A little sun and sometimes a little rain.

Day 1
A good force 3, 3 races. We come back at 20h, beer, and a little BBQ with a good Sauvignon of Touraine to drink.

Day 2
A good force 2 for the 2 first races. Ralf is always the best. The Two last races are run with a good wind between forace 4 and 5.
We come back near 6 O' clock and then have the traditional dinner with Rod playing Guitar with Jo at the accordeon.

Day 3
The wind is harder for the last race, and only 6 sailors are finishing the 8th race. So we are back before midday.

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8tot
1GER 723Mackmann Ralf111115257
2GER 707Schmidt Thorsten23222127110
3GER 665Stephan Peter7833323216
4GER 599Böhm Uwe3557444424
5G 726Dame Dirk444276612725
6GER 607Heinze Christian526810962736
7FRA 1764Lamarque Frederic66899352737
8GER 698Kath Karsten877677272742
9GER 651Ridder Heinz119115121072753
10G 07Zimmer Ortwin131214118128354
11LUX 1Lesure Michel91110121111172764
12FRA 1769Delecluse Rene1215151315279670
13B 14Vande Ghinste Marc141913101415112777
14BEL 1Andrew Rod101617161814162789
15FRA 1336Manca Maxime201320191613102791
16BEL 214Verrijdt Paul272727458272798
17G 580Hirsch Alexander211819211316122799
18G 588Singethan Joachim1820181421171327100
19BEL 604Geboes Mark1721121720271527102
20F 299Villeneuve Maunoir1614161517272727105
21F 1110Tiefaine Jacques1910221819182727106
22BEL 29Andrew Jo2222212722191427120
23GER 691Feierabend Wolfgang151792727272727122
24FRA 1790Ronsiaux Olivier2323232324272727143
25FRA 1809Courtois Jean patrice2727272023272727151
26FRA 809Fournie Michel2727272227272727157