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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2004

KZ & RV Hollandia, Medemblik, Apr. 30th - May 2nd

Apr 30.- May 2.

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Day 1:
Friday saw 3 nice races with moderate breeze slowly decreasing to about 8 knots to the end of the third race. Taktically the last race was the most tricky with some pressure lines and some local shifts which made gains and losses on the beat easy.
Eastrely winds, sunny and warm.

Day 2:
After a two hour postponement due to no wind, three races have been sailed in better conditions than expected. Starting with light to moderate, the last race in the increasing wind saw nice 20 knots.
In the first race of the day, Nick Craig from GBR had some gear failure on the hull to prohibit him from doing any more races. Karsten Hitz from GER had some health problems to retire from the second race, but was able to get fit again for the last day.
Westerly winds, after overcast in the morning, sunny and warm later.
The fleet went to the chinese restaurant, after Robert making a last minute call to get tables for all which was a tricky task with over 50 J22 crews trying to get a table too.

Day 3:
Two races in moderate to strong winds from westerly directions. Probably the windiest races of the series but not too hard for any of the competitors.

Oliver Gronholz was the first sailor with aluminium mast.

1BEL 44Bart Bomans8.0011521111
2GBR 2109Jim Hunt14.0034112223
3GBR 2106David Carroll35.00ocs7484354
4DEN 1324Jesper Petersen37.0053767646
5GBR 2101Terry Curtis41.0046979465
6GER 727Karsten Hitz44.002523dnfdnc32
7GBR 2113Andrew Rushworth50.0099104387dnf
8GER 707Schmidt Thorsten57.008116959911
9GER 717Oliver Gronholz70.00782012205117
10GER 718Peter Scheuerl73.001116814157108
11GBR 2045Will Turner79.001214131012101210
12GBR 2082John Ball81.00101318516121312
13GER 624Thomas Glas81.001310151313dnc89
14GER 787Daniel Gröschl98.0015151111191116dnc
15GER 607Heinze Christian109.0014171216102020dnc
16GER 632Fabian Gronholz111.001712222118161413
17GBR 2087Julian Burnham112.001919141561524dnc
18BEL 128Frank Vanroy114.00212117188171815
19BEL 214Paul Verrijdt118.001820191711191717
20GBR 2083Andy Turner119.0016181619171419dnc
21GBR 2110Nick Craig119.00623dncdncdncdncdnc
22GBR 2104Deryck Lovegrove132.002023252014182116
23NED 646Peter van Leverink141.00dnf22232221132218
24GBR 2007Anthony Rich158.00dncdnc21dncdncdnc1514
25NED 638Robert Jan Bancken160.0022242424222123dnc
26BEL 604Mark Geboes174.00dncdncdnc23232225dnf