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Interdominion Championships 2002

Napier / New Zealand

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January 5 - 11

73 competitors out of ten nations competed for the interdominion championships this year in Napier. Most of them sailed in all the seven races to prepare for the worlds, which will take place in the following week in the same area. In light winds the Europeans had some problems getting used to the high swell and shifty winds. One of the best from Europe was again Jørgen Lindhardsen, who finished 5th, but the dominating team was New Zealand with many youngsters including Alister Gair, who became the new National and Interdominion champion. He started to sail the OK Dinghy only a few weeks before the competition after being a very successful Laser sailor, but lost interest in that class nevertheless. The defending world champion Karsten Hitz from Germany finished 16th and is still hoping for a stronger breeze at the worlds.
A common and often used phrase was: "stay out of the focus!"
It will be interesting to see wether the kiwis boys can use their advantage on home waters again...

Oliver wrote the report in German
Martin translated it to English
Christian typed it in the computer
Robert corrected the English!

Plc.Sail no.NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Tot
1NZL 491Alastair Gair242261DNS28.7
2KOR 1Jin Hong-chul102141211DNS59
3NZL 499Jayson Herbert202218149380.7
4NZL 497Richard Barker183432634483.4
5DEN 1280Jorgen Lindhardtsen41010111571288
6NZL 500Russell Wood5612185122091.7
7AUS 678Roger Blasse718920234297
8NZL 517Paul Rhodes1212814824198
9SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-Mild331895720699.7
10GBR 2104Nick Craig16751712839100
11BEL 44Bart Bomans323333913DNF113.4
12NZL 504Adrian Mannering2151313251717121
13NZL 483Andrew Phillips630620OCS1610123.4
14NZL 502Nigel Mannering271929432129133.7
15NZL 511Ben Morrison8201512182526134
16GER 1Karsten Hitz22122226101816136
17NZL 474Tony Clifford13322319111918139
18NZL 510Grant Pedersen19311151171413141
19NZL 516Ian Neely24117OCS52105144
20NZL 509Joe Porebski915242329309145
21NZL 512Greg Wilcox28OCS16OCS141145
22GER 693Martin v.Zimmermann2916322842411146
23NZL 481Dave Hoogenboom2325382116528153
24AUS 708Mark Jackson358306366DNS156.4
25NZL 476Duncan Gourley30DNF177OCS32161.7
26GBR 5Alistair Deaves11392640132815168
27NZL 484Mike Inwood4414312233428186
28AUS 710John Gibson39133310572934194
29GER 717Oliver Gronholz32262131404322208
30GBR 2084Terry Curtis3624OCS39313119216
31GER 624Thomas Glas38OCS2541421523220
32NZL 436Rob Coutts14451937354436221
33NZL 479Craig Pryce1752485224417225
34AUS 692Peter Horne12272716OCS37OCS230
35NZL 490Jason Trow42283732302750232
36SIN 1Stanley Chan485540152322DNF239
37GER 618Peter Scheuerl53376124193638243
38GER 725Christian Hartmann524318422133DNF245
39GER 449Soenke Behrens373320OCS515227256
40NZL 470Steve McDowell31OCS46OCS222624260
41NZL 515Sel Pedersen41414744374021260
42NZL 506Hamish Fenwick1547OCS27OCS4714261
43NZL 501Daniel Bush40176025604937264
44NZL 472Mike O'Dwyer4642452934DNF35267
45NZL 485Campbell Scott26406858395332284
46AUS 643Phllip Taylor59593635413843288
47GBR 2081Robert Deaves43345353443545290
48NZL 466Phil Rzypecky51444348503933293
49DEN 1311Jesper Andersen60365034545631297
50NZL 360John Hoogerbrug553559DNF474625303
51AUS 713Justin Graham50465536435048309
52DEN 1246Frank Visler65DNF4945284840311
53DEN 1312Jesper PetersenDNF2942DNF565730325
54NZL 498Darren Hunt68643543386051327
55AUS 691James McAllister66385656485544333
56NZL 427Scott Pedersen54575247495146335
57GBR 2085Gavin Waldron57486655275956338
58DEN 1285Mogeus Johansen56585138456257341
59AUS 715Tom Pearce69604163633252347
60NZL 369Mark Berry255339OCS5963OCS350
61SWE 2755Per-Arne Olsson47OCS3446OCS45DNF358
62NZL 505Rob Hengst61496250535853360
63NZL 468Lachie MacLean4954585462DNS49362
64NZL 310Per Ejlertsen58626560326154363
65NZL 493Graham Lambert455657575564DNF370
66IND 2Nitin Mongia349DNSDNSDNSDNSDNS379
67NZL 458Richard Parke64646462585447385
68AUS 696Les McAllister67616364466859396
69GBR 2065Simon ShawDNF655461646655401
70NZL 464Alec McWhinnie62516749DNSDNSDNS415
71AUS 667John McKenzieDNSDNSDNSDNS6165DNS417
72GER 539Carsten Sass635044DNSDNSDNSDNS418
73NZL 467Bryn Thomas71666965656758426
74AUS 681John Corby70637059DNS69DNS442