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New Zealand New Year 2002

Napier Sailing Club

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by Robert Deaves

Just before the NZ Nationals and the World Championships, Napier Sailing Club held their New Year Regatta. 34 OKs are on the finishing lists although many more sailed the event and didn't pay their entry fee! All racing was cancelled on day one (29th December) due to very strong winds from the west. The committee debated cancelling on the next day as it was still very windy but sent us all out nevertheless.

Three laps were sailed around an inshore course in winds gusting to 30 knots plus. Superb capsizes were seen from the likes of Gavin Waldron and Andrew Phillips and even the leaders were wearing round in unison. Of about 30 odd starters only nine managed to survive to the finish with Joe Porebski taking a win from Greg Wilcox and Nick Crapper (who took the lead three times but kept chucking it in!). Sensibly the second race of the day was abandoned.

The last day dawned with decreased wind and three races to be sailed. Greg Wilcox showed his superior speed to lead throughout to win the first. A confusion on start lines and times in the second saw Robert Deaves port tack the fleet to lead up the first beat. Eventually though Crapper pulled through to win.

The last race saw all to play for so Nick consolidated with a 10th, while Jörgen Lindhardtsen took the bullet. Most of the fleet missed the start as the wind had died to nothing and ended up reaching after the still beating fleet as the sea breeze came in. An interesting warm up to the Nationals and worlds although most people were more interested in the beer and the New Year's Eve party which ended about the 3rd January (and you think I'm joking!)

1Nick CraigGBR 21043211016
2Joe PorebskiNZL 5091107220
3Andrew PhilipsNZL 4838311527
4Greg WilcoxNZL 51221131127
5Jørgen LindhardtsenDEN 12803442141
6Robert DeavesGBR 208161852049
7Duncan GourleyNZL 4763444850
8Adrian ManneringNZL 50448182353
9Sel PedersenNZL 51534113654
10Tony CliffordNZL 47437910460
11Mike O'DwyerNZL 47234791363
12Jason TrowNZL 490341612769
13Darren HuntNZL 498923231671
14Rob HengstGBR 4943414141880
15Ben MorrisonNZL 51134683482
16Richard BarkerNZL 497345341285
17Gavin WaldronGBR 20853415171985
18Phil RzepeckyNZL 466341363487
19P EjlertsenNZL 4683419161887
20Simon ShawGBR 20653420152190
21Stanley ChanNZL 4883717201791
22John HoogerbrugNZZL 3603412143494
23Richard ParkeNZL 4583422212299
24Jin Hong chulKOR 13434343105
25Graham LambertNZL 49334242424106
26Lachie McLeanNZL 4685343434107
27Mike InwoodNZL 48434211934108
28Rob CouttsNZL 4637343434109
29Alec McWhinnieNZL 46434192234109
30Grant PedersenNZL 5103434349111
31Hamish FenwickNZL 50534343414116
32Sönke BehrensGER 44934153434117
33Craig PryceNZL 47934343419121
34M KenahNZZL 50834253434127