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World Championship 2001

Båstad, Sweden

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August 4th - 10th

Day one:

Race one by: Thomas Hansson-Mild (SWE):

The Worlds started in quite heavy winds. WSW 8-10m/s. The starting line had a small favour for the leeward end. The first beat it payed off to go on the shifts and work toward the left side. A tight reach followed by a much more open second reach. It payed off to go low on second reach, getting good surfs and then gybe and go to mark. Second beat a bit like the first, cover the left side. The run was a nice one with big waves and fun sailing. Finally, after a long run it was the time for the last beat and I rounded 5th after heading Karston Hitz (GER), Bart Bomans (BEL) and the two Britts, Hedley Fletcher and Nick Craig.

Got a good lift at the end and could finish as third. The race took 2 hours and I think most of us sailors could have settled with one race since almost the whole fleet went in to the stay out of the wind in the harbour.

Report for Race Two by Hedley Fletcher (GBR):

The second race for the day started in 15-20 knots with a shifty direction off shore. Mark Jackson from Australia popped out at the start but places changed constantly up the first beat. Karsten Hitz (GER) sailed on conservatively to lead at mark one followed by Hedley Fletcher (GBR) and Oliver Gronholz (GER). Gavin Waldron (GBR) headed a further bunch. Karsten opened up a substantial lead on the downwind legs and led to the finish. Thomas Hanson Mild (Sweden) and Nick Craig sailed good downwind legs to get amongst the leaders. At the finish, Karsten won from Thomas who squeezed passed Hedley at the finish. Nick was fourth with Bart Bomans (BEL) sailing an excellent last beat to finish fourth.

Day two:

Report for Race Three by Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN, 3rd in race, 6 overall):

The Race was sailed in 6-8 m/s NW. After one general recall, the fleet was off the starting line. The Belgium Bart Bomans had a big lead at the first mark followed by Hedley Fletcher (GRB). I , Thomas Hansson-Mild (SWE) Nick Craig (GBR) and Karsten Hitz (GER). After second beat Bomans was still in the lead with Hansson-Mild second, me in third, Craig, Hitz and Fletcher in the next places. In the last beat Hansson succedded in pass Bomans and won the race. Bomans second then me, Hitz, Craig, Fletcher. Seventh was Ollie Gronholz (GER).

Day three:

Report of Race 4 by Bart Bomans (BEL):

Racing got underway in a good force 5 land wind. This meant the swell was replaced by a nasty chop. Most of the favorites went right up the first beat, but it was Gunther Arndt (GER ) who came in from the left that was leading at the first mark. He was closely followed by Christian Midtgaard (DEN) and Karsten Hitz (GER). All the other contenders were back in the early teens. At the end of the triangle, Karsten was leading from Christian and Gunther. Bart Bomans (BEL) went fast on the reaches to round 4th just ahead of Hedley Fletcher (GRB) and Nick Craig (GRB). Positions remained the same on the second beat, and on the run both Karsten and Bart made up a lot of ground on the others. On the final beat, Karsten loosely covered Bart, and only just held first place from Christian who had escaped to the right. Bart came 3rd and Gunther 4th. The race course was huge with the race nearly lasting for two hours.

Report of Race 5 by Olle Albrektsson (SWE):

The race started with heavy rain and 11m/s wind. On the first beat the wind started to turn right and at the same time the wind decreased at the left side. J&oslahs;rgen Lindhartsen (DEN) and Olle Albrektsson (SWE) came in from the right and could go round the top mark in a good lead. Karsten Hitz (GER) made fast downwind and passed Olle at the end of the run. In the end, the wind dropped to 4m/s when Jørgen got the gun followed by Karsten and Olle.

Day four:

Strong Winds Postpone Racing

Due to extreme weather and winds above 32 knots racing was postponed on Thursday.

Day five:

Report of race six by: Nick Craig (GBR) (also on

Karsten Hitz (GER) wins his title in style

Karsten Hitz wins the title with one race spare. Racing finally got under way to conclude the Championship yesterday in Bastad, Sweden. Race 6

Karsten Hitz (GER) went into the final day with a 20 point lead but with light airs he was looking a little worried. Race 6 got under way in a force 3 with a nasty chop left over from yesterday's gale force 8. The race started in shifty winds with Bart Bomans (BEL) making a strong challenge for the World Title with an early lead from Hedley Fletcher (GBR). Hitz was burried in the 20's at the first mark. Bomans motored away down wind for a big win followed by the veteran legend, Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN). The chasing pack finished very closely led by Thomas Hansson-Mild (SWE) and Fletcher. Hitz hit left up the last beat to make a remarkable recovery to 5th and retain his World Title.

Report of Race six by Bart Bomans (BEL)

Conditions were friendlier for the last two races. A nice force 3-4 and sunshine all day. The first race got underway after one general recall. Left seemed favoured on the first beat and Paul Rhodes (NZL) who shot the left corner went round the first mark first, followed by H. Fletcher (GBR) and Bart Bomans (BEL). Bart Bomans pulled through on the reaches to win from J. Lindhardtsen (DEN) and T. Hanson-Mild

Report of race seven by: Nick Craig (GBR) (also on

With Hitz already won gold, the battle for silver was on between Bomans and Hansson-Mild, with Hansson-Mild needing to beat Bomans by around 3 places. The race started in similar tricky conditions with Bomans once again picking the shifts righ to lead at the windward mark and win again with his excellent downwind speed. The chasing pack was again very tight especially when the wind went light up the last beat. Hitz won his title in style with another 2nd followed by Hansson-Mild and Nick Craig (GBR).

Hitz won't be able to rest on his laurels for long because the next world championships is in sunny New Zealand in January, only five months away.

Report of Race seven by Karsten Hitz (GER)

After the first race the wind dropped down a bit and shifted about 20° in all directions. Bart Bomans was leading from the first mark on till right to the finish. Behind him Thomas Hanson-Mild and Jørgen Lindhardtsen were sailing out the third place over all. Karsten Hitz became second and Thomas with the third place in the race, won the bronce medal.

Report of Race seven by Bart Bomans (BEL)

The seventh race was quite similar, with the shifty wind being very dominant. Getting the shifts right was importand. Bomans popped out of the middle to round first, followed by H. Fletcher and T. Hanson-Mild. The order stayed pretty much the same throughout the race. Ending in 1. Bomans, 2. Hitz, 3. Hanson-Mild. This gave Karsten the title, ahead of Bomans and Hanson-Mild.

Point System: "Olympic": 1st=0; 2nd=3; 3rd=5,7; 4th=8; 5th=10; 6th=11,7; place+6

1Karsten HitzGER 72711412522414
2Bart BomansBEL 44 262371136,423,4
3Thomas Hansson-MildSWE 2746331783349,835,8
4Jørgen LindhardtsenDEN 128016531112871,749,7
5Nick CraigGBR 20944455156476,755,7
6Hedley FletcherGBR 20995268104977,761,7
7Olle AlbrektssonSWE 27471110141031614116,794,7
8Paul RhodesNZL 49710786217DNF181,794,7
9Greg WilcoxNZL 51219891511186127,7102,7
10Oliver GronholzGER 7179979122131140103
11Mark JacksonAUS 708813151663413146,7106,7
12Adrian ManneringNZL 504621211728917160,7126,7
13Christian MidtgaardDEN 1304725482171137184130
14Jonas PerssonSWE 274013181212251545182131
15Günther ArndtGER 6721240134311228180134
16Pawel PawlaczykPOL 14441119215DSQ5226139
17Hans ElkjaerSWE 9918171825191033182143
18Robert DavisAUS 7061732102838820195151
19Terry CurtisGBR 208415144520202324203152
20Nitin MongiaIND 68014124126242912200153
21Sonke BehrensGER 4492416373241438205161
22Peder ThunanderSWE 275020223014322815203165
23David CarrollGBR 210223241119234834224170
24David HoogenboomNZL 48128202330163318210171
25Michael BachmannSUI 6626152513423623222174
26Anders PerssonSWE 274235352018262026222181
27Martin von ZimmermannGER 693252916DNF392710269182
28Will TurnerGBR 204542362431132616230182
29Peter ScheuerlGER 61821194224183035231183
30Andrew RushworthGBR 210429283534DNS317287200
31Peter WibroeDEN 129256301736DNS1911292205
32Ulf BrandtDEN 126527333340452519264213
33Jesper AndersenDEN 13114334503593541289233
34Andy TurnerGBR 205430DSQ2627443742329242
35Peter BurtonAUS 70332463623DNS1754331244
36Gavin WaldronGBR 2085312760221461DNS338251
37Thomas GlasGER 62436264037344351309252
38Grant PedersenNZL 51033395242404722317259
39David MunroNZL 47549442947483230321266
40Alistair DeavesGBR 52DNFDNF2248292427354267
41Volkmar KieneGER 22522413938DNS13DNS357270
42Dirk DameGER 68834315533465248341280
43Michak LeszczynskiPOL 1150435129436629353281
44Dirk GerickeGER 69539624639225843351283
45Fabian GronholeGER 63246454941355732347284
46Gautama DuttaGER 72438503264374546354284
47Andrew PhillipsNZL 48337DSQ3844416425372285
48Max NystedtSWE 274966382758474636360288
49Peter HolzwarthGER 70541236252503953362294
50Jörg SylvesterGER 72654374755495421359298
51Rob HengstNZL 50540425750364459370305
52Christian HartmannGER 72547494461335344373306
53Greg CaseyGBR 2093DSQDSQ5646302247405318
54Bill TylerAUS 69245554353DNS4149409322
55Jesper PetersenDEN 131251DSQ344327DNE60419332
56Berd BreitbartGER 66264535457565140417347
57Peter YatesAUS 69552545949526857433359
58Ivan PedersenDEN 124962476656DNS4950453366
59Adrie KuijpersNED 66263485860535558437368
60Ingemar JansonSWE 273865567059545061457381
61Maciej NowaczykPOL 5857525354DNS6367469382
62Paul RichardsAUS 709DNF516851DNS4255471384
63Damien SmithAUS 648595861635156DNF471384
64Alan AtkinGBR 2053586167DNFDNS6039489402
65Jörn WilleGER 72155DSQ3145DNSDNSDNS497410
66Darek KrasPOL 10268577266577056488410
67Frans HawerBEL 20848DNF63DNSDNS6252510423
68Per JaensenSWE 2733535965DNFDNS6762510423
69Daniel GröschlGER 720606064DNFDNS5963510423
70Bogdan MogzorodynskiPOL 6DNFDSQ28DNFDNS38DNS513426
71Peter BluntAUS 63769667665587265513431
72Sarah BrewerGBR 2027DNF647368557168522435
73Raymond DodardFRA 200071DNS7767597369539452
74Peter TurnerGBR 205967DNF6962DNS65DNS548461
75Juliane HofmannGER 699726574DNFDNS6966550463
76Søren Peder JensenDEN 98170DNS71DNSDNS7464564477
77Lennarth JohanssonSWE 2751DNF6375DNFDNS7570568481
78Gwyn HagenaersBEL 20761DNFDNFDNFDNSDNSDNS589502